Delighted to share another episode of the Sheffield's Hidden Gems podcast. Our guest is Matthew Gilbert, MD of LimitState Ltd, a specialist software company based in Sheffield. LimitState is a tech business that develops specialist software for structural and geotechnical engineers to enable them to rapidly determine the critical failure mechanism and margin of safety for a wide range of engineering problems. In this episode, you will hear about: *Peregrine, a new and innovative software tool, that could help to reduce the quantity of materials consumed in infrastructure projects. *How software can help to reduce time taken for construction. *LayOpt, the free interactive software tool you can access to create your own structures online -and have fun in the process. *Job opportunity for a software developer at LimitState Listen to Matthew Gilbert as he describes how the company evolved from an idea, then a project within the confines of the university, to a fully-operational specialist tech business in Sheffield. Full appreciation to Professor Matthew Gilbert for being a guest on the Sheffield's Hidden Gems podcast! Listen to this podcast interview on Spotify ( or Apple ( #podcastinterviews #sheffieldissuper #accommodation

Episode 08 of Sheffield’s Hidden Gems: Interview with Prof. Matthew Gilbert, MD of LimitState Ltd (software creator)

June 1, 2021