Happy Tuesday everyone -greetings from 'Sunny Sheffield'! Delighted to share with you another episode of the Sheffield's Hidden Gems podcast. It was a pleasure speaking with Steve Rundell (CEO) and Laura Baker (Fundraising and Communication Coordinator) of the Sheffield-based charity, Nomad Opening Doors. Since founding over 30 years ago, Nomad has helped people who are faced with homelessness in Sheffield. Their 'wrap around' service helps people live more stable and secure lives. On average, each year, Nomad provides 60 individuals who are homeless with accommodation in Sheffield. Listen to Steve and Laura as they talk about the effect of the covid-19 pandemic on people who were experiencing 'hidden homeless', and how the charity was able to help. The interview touched also on the work of Four Tree Lettings agency (associated with Nomad). The latter may be of interest to impact investors who already own property in Sheffield, or are considering property purchase in the area. Thank you Laura Baker for making this interview possible on the Sheffield's Hidden Gems podcast. Listen now on Spotify (https://spoti.fi/2YVhIti)or Apple (https://apple.co/3wX2ovY). #sheffieldissuper #homelessnessawareness #nomadsheffield #sheffielaccommodation #podcastinterview

Podcast Episode 07: Nomad Open Doors making a difference to the ‘hidden homeless’ in Sheffield

June 1, 2021